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1990 Score San Francisco 49ers Football Team Set (41 Cards) (Includes Final Update Cards) (PLUS RECEIVE A FREE Roger Craig 1986 Topps Card) (NFC West Champions) (Joe Montana) (Steve Young) (Jerry Rice) (Tom Rathman) (John Taylor) and More
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1990 Score San Francisco 49ers team set (41 cards). This set includes all cards from the base set as well as the year end supplemental update set. Here is a complete list of who is in this team set: Harris Barton, Chet Brooks, Dennis Brown, Dennis Brown (update), Jim Burt, Dexter Carter, Dexter Carter (update), Michael Carter, Mike Cofer, Bruce Collie, Roger Craig, Roger Craig Ground Force, Eric Davis, Keith DeLong, Kevin Fagan, Don Griffin, Charles Haley, Pierce Holt, Ronnie Lott, Ronnie Lott All Pro, Guy McIntyre, Matt Millen, Joe Montana, Joe Montana All Pro, Joe Montana Record Breaker, Joe Montana Hot Gun, Bubba Paris, Tom Rathman, Jerry Rice, Jerry Rice All Pro, Jerry Rice Rocket Man, Larry Roberts, Bill Romanowski, Jesse Sapolu, Fred Smerlas, Bob St. Clair Hall of Famer, John Taylor, Keena Turner, Michael Walter, Dave Waymer and Steve Young